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Black Belt Promotions 2014

The 2nd black belt grading for 2014 was held over the last 2 weekends in October  at the usual location in Denham.  Chesham had entered 4 students;  3 black tags going for their black belt; 13yr old Max Whitley, 14 yr old Jasmin Hanchant and 18 yr old Harvey Stacey, and  one 1st dan  black belt, Craig Childress, going for 2nd dan.

After several years of consistent training all the students were well prepared for this grading, and as usual with a BUTF grading, it tested the students to their limit.  After performing well in all the 4  elements; patterns, sparring, destruction and terminology, all 4 were successful in passing.

Congratulations from all at the club.

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