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Chesham's Black Belts


Max Whitley  IV Dan


Max started training in 2009 at the age of 8. He very soon started entering competitions and got a taste of success, winning 2 golds at his first BUTF tournament. Accompanied by his instructor father he started entering various ‘open’ tournaments around the country winning many titles along the way, including 7 junior world titles, some in WKU kickboxing, in both patterns and sparring. He has proved himself as an all rounder with many golds in all the disciplines. 

He was the club’s youngest 2nd dan when he graded at the age of 15.

George Hanchant  III Dan


George started training back in 2006 at the age of 6. He has been a loyal member of the club ever since. In his early coloured belt years he would always take part in the BUTF tournaments but was not always successful in getting a medal. However, undeterred, he continued entering and his results started to change. He’d gained valuable experience along the way which was now paying off. He even won a junior coloured belt world sparring title as a red belt. He is also part of the newly formed BUTF squad. 

As well as still entering tournaments he also assists Master Whitley in teaching at the club.


Mr Craig Childress  IV Dan


Craig joined Chesham club in 2010 as a blue belt after several years break from training through work and family commitments. He had previously been at High Wycombe club where his instructor was Ms T.Y. Au.

He is one of only a few students who start back up and remain. He is a fully focused and committed student, paying particular attention to detail, which served him well because after taking his instructors exam he then went on to running  High Wycombe school. He has also entered many BUTF tournaments, and although older than his opponents, has come away with several medals.


Mr David Shakespeare  III Dan


Mr Shakespeare came to Taekwondo a bit later than most, and where an older person might be hindered  being in an action sport it didn’t hold him back and he quickly progressed through the grades. He has also been an enthusiastic competitor with degrees of success in all the disciplines. 

As a 2nd dan he went on to pass his instructors exam and opened up a club in Great Missenden. Shortly after he then opened up another in Penn Strreet.

He now passes on his enthusiasm to his growing number of students. 





Jasmin Hanchant  II Dan


Younger sister of George, Jasmin followed in to Taekwondo, fitting it alongside her commitment to dance which she also still does. She too is a keen participant in tournaments with success in both patterns and sparring. She is also a member of the BUTF squad.

She recently promoted to 2nd dan, being the first female at Chesham club to do so, and also the first female 2nd dan Master Whitley has had in 30 years as an instructor.

Mr Paul Mitterhuber  I Dan


Paul started his training back in 1986, again at High Wycombe under Ms Au. A break in training with a move to Canada, he restarted at Watford club in 1990 for a brief spell, training alongside Mr Whitley.

An injury halted his training but he restarted at Chesham in 2003, bringing with him his children. He started back at white belt even though he had reached red belt previously. His son Luke reached III dan with the club. Paul has been training , and helping out, constantly, and is the club’s rock.

Mr Nathan Pascall  1st dan

Nathan started training in our kid's class back in 2013 when he was 8. Steady progress saw him get his black belt in 2020. He has regularly entered BUTF tournaments and just before becoming a black belt he won 3 gold medals, pattern, sparring and destruction, in his last tournament as a coloured belt.

Mr Will Gilling  1st dan

Joining the club in March 2018 Will started to make rapid progress through the ranks being a keen tournament competitor along the way. He also entered many 'open' tournaments adding to his experience and ability. Will gained his black belt in 2022.


Mr Harry Burgess-Wall  I Dan


Harry started back in 2007, well into his 50s. He proved Master Whitley wrong who thought this struggling student wouldn’t last. Thankfully Harry is very determined and overcame many obstacles to reach his goal. He too is very particular on detail, often testing Master Whitley with questions on pattern moves.

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