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Sasung Choy  IX Dan

GM Choy photo .jpg

GM R.M.K. Choy sadly passed away on 25th February 2017. He has dedicated much of his life following and promoting true ITF Taekwondo as written by the founder General Choi.

29 years ago, almost to the day of his passing, he, along with a group of instructors, founded the BUTF which he headed for the next 29 years. A very generous man in many ways, and he would gladly give his time freely to pass on his wealth of TKD knowledge to his black belts.

He was instrumental in guiding Master Whitley through to 7th dan and as an instructor. He is also responsible for creating many of the UKs Masters who have gone on to forming their own TKD organisations.

He will be sadly missed by all those that knew him and worked alongside him in the BUTF.

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