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What do our classes include?

Beginners Class

At every class you will participate in a series of light exercises and stretches to insure you will not hurt yourself. You are allowed to exercise and stretch to your own personal limits, which will improve over a period of time. 

At your first few classes you will be taught the basics;

  • Punches

  • Blocks

  • Kicks

  • Stances

  • History of Taekwondo

As soon as you get hang of those, you will be put forward for your first grading. Should you pass you will move up to yellow tag.

This process will carry on all throughout your time at Taekwondo and obviously increasing in difficultly.

Belt orders

  • White Belt (10th Kup)

  • Yellow Tag (9th Kup)

  • Yellow Belt (8th Kup)

  • Green Tag (7th Kup)

  • Green belt (6th Kup)

  • Blue Tag (5th Kup)

  • Blue Belt (4th Kup)

  • Red Tag (3rd Kup)

  • Red Belt (2nd Kup)

  • Black tag (1st Kup)

  • 1st Dan 

  • 2-9th Dan 

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