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Chesham Taekwondo

Interested in starting taekwondo?

At Taekwondo you learn how to defend for yourself, keep fit and most importantly have fun! It is the perfect hobby to start now. Whether you want to do it for yourself or you want your children to join, Chesham Taekwondo has a class for everyone. The junior club is thriving after a kid’s class was introduced in 2005, training 7-16-year old. Many of the students who started as young children are still training now in our adult class.

Chesham Taekwondo is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere, so there is no need to feel intimidated on whatever thought you have about starting a martial art. You will simply come to our class on your desired day and we’ll start you up with some light exercise and stretches (that are to your level) and your first day is FREE! However, if you do not feel comfortable participating, you are more than welcome to come in a watch and then decide whether you would like to join us.

Tournament participation is greatly encouraged at Chesham Club with students winning many trophies. So, if entering tournaments is something that interests you there is plenty of opportunity with us.


Meet your instructor 

Master Keith Whitley

The instructor of Chesham Taekwondo is Master Whitley - 8th Degree, one of the senior Instructors within the BUTF.  Master Whitley has been training Taekwondo for over 40 years, starting on 1st March 1978.  He has taught many people all the way through to their Black Belt, which makes him the ideal instructor to help you reach your personal, optimum level.

Master Whitley started training at a club in Watford under the Instructor Mr Jeff Yong (II Dan). After Mr Yong, Mr Alan Ross (II Dan) took over his class followed by Miss T. Y. Au (III Dan). This gave him lots of experience with different instructors and has made him the teacher he is today. Master Whitley attained his Black Belt in 1984 and in 1988 he became involved in the formation of the BUTF and still titled as one of the few original founder instructors that teaches in the BUTF. Master Whitley has progressed through the Dan grades in the BUTF under the guidance of its Chairman and Chief Examiner Grandmaster R. Choy IX Dan. He reached his present grade of VIII Dan Master in January 2020. He is also a member of the executive committee which runs the BUTF.

Throughout his years of training Master Whitey has consistently taken part in tournaments with many successes to his name, including BTC (British Taekwondo Council) Black Belt Patterns Champion in 1990 and BUTF Overall Black Belt Champion twice.

With around 40 years of top flight Taekwondo experience Master Whitley is now training champions from his home town of Chesham with many current British, and 2 Junior World champions, amongst his ranks, training at 3 classes each week.

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