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The British United Taekwondo Federation - BUTF - was formed on the 1st of March 1988 to promote and teach pure Taekwondo (TKD). The same Taekwondo that the founder Grandmaster Choi Hong Hi - 9th Dan created. The federation was founded under the guidance of Grandmaster R. M. K Choy IX Dan, a genuine ITF master with over 50 years 'hands-on' experience of practicing and teaching Taekwondo. Grandmaster Choy was also the most senior Instructor of the Founders (ITF) format in England. He sadly passed away in February 2017.

Taking over his role as chairman is another Grandmaster, Master (Miss) T. Y Au IX Dan, one of only two female Grandmasters in the country. Assisting is Master A. Manning VIII. They each have close on to 40 years’ experience as active Taekwondo Instructors. Along side them on the Executive Committee are Masters D. Bryan VII Dan,  K. Whitley VII Dan, and A. Liu VII Dan.

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