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About TKD-A Brief History

Taekwon-do is a modernised and scientifically developed version of a centuries old Korean Martial Art. Based on Karate, it is a relatively modern martial art. It was created by a Korean Army General called Choi Hong Hi in the mid-20th century. Hundreds of years ago in Korea, the warrior class of society known as the Hwarang-Do practised a form of weapon less combat known as Taek Kyon and developed a code of conduct to serve as a guideline to complement their intensive physical training.

Taekwondo was 'born' on April 11th, 1955 having been created by General Grandmaster Choi Hong Hi - 9th Degree Black Belt. Gen Choi was born on November 9th, 1918 in the rugged and harsh area of Hwa Dae, Myong Chun District in what is now D.P.R of Korea.

Even at an early age the future general showed a strong and independent spirit and Choi's father sent him to study calligraphy under one of the most famous teachers in Korea, Mr. Han II Dong. Han, in addition to his skills as a calligrapher, was also a master of Taek Kyon, the ancient Korean art of foot fighting.

Whilst studying in Japan (during the Japanese occupation of Korea) Choi met a fellow Korean, Mr. Him, who was engaged in teaching the Japanese martial art, Karate. Within a few years of concentrated training, Choi attained the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt. These techniques, together with Taek Kyon (foot techniques), were the forerunners of modern Taekwondo.

It was not until the 1940's when the General decided that Korea needed its own martial art for its own army that the foundations of Taekwondo were laid.

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