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Over the moon with latest black belt results just out. Chesham has another 2 black belts and 1 more 2d dan to add to it's growing band of black belts. The club had entered 4 candidates into this grading which is held over 2 days testing them on all aspects of their training. Jason Baker was unlucky with one of his kicks in destruction meaning he was unlucky this time, but he can normally do it, maybe nerves didn't help. But he's upbeat and will make amends next time round

Great news however for Wayne Mahoney who has finally passed on his 3rd attempt with a very respectable average score of 71%. This is a real tribute to his commitment and perserverance and is so well deserved. Also passing with an average of 72% is George Hanchant on his second attempt. Another victory for commitment and dedication of which George has plenty. Not only that, he has just turned 16 so was tested as an adult ! Max Whitley was going for promotion to 2nd dan. He had the highest pass mark of the entire grading with 80% and the only student with a merit pass. He now becomes the youngest 2nd dan the club ( and his instructor ) has ever had. Massive congratulations to all 3 from your proud instructor and I'm sure the rest of the club.

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