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On Saturday 15th Nov Chesham Taekwondo club took 21 of it’s students to Battersea, London for their organisations (the BUTF) annual British tournament. The team consisted of young beginners some entering their first tournament, to young and older senior grades, two of whom had just attained their black belts so were entering a very new level of contest. The days event opened with the presentation of the BUTF’s newly promoted black belts and dan grades. Four of Chesham’s students received their certificates and belts from Master Manning 8th dan. Getting their black belts were Max Whitley (13), Jasmin Hanchant (14), and Harvey Stacey (19).  ‘Slightly older’ member Craig Childress was presented with his 2nd dan  just going to show that with hard work and perseverance the older person can perform what the young can do. The day then got underway with the coloured belts doing their pattern event, displaying precise, powerful movements and being marked for their effort by 5 black belt judges. Special mention must go to junior black tag, 15 yr old George Hanchant who has entered many tournaments in years gone by and often just missed out on a medal but at our last tournament he won gold in sparring and now he won gold in patterns showing that determination and perseverance really pays off. He also went on to get a bronze in the sparring here. Then followed the sparring where many of Chesham’s students faired well with a couple of golds, a couple of silvers and several bronzes between them. A couple of students entered the power contest which involved breaking boards with an allocated kick but no medals won. Then it was Chesham’s black belts to take the stage and they didn’t disappoint. Max Whitley won the junior black belt patterns. He was then put in a sparring group where his division was mixed in with the group above but he still went on to take silver. He then took part in the special power technique, flying side kick over hurdles to break a board which he also won. Harvey Stacey and 2nd dan Luke Mitterhuber won gold and bronze respectfully in the senior pattern event and then both met in the final of the middle and light heavy weight sparring final. On his way to the final Harvey  dismissed his other opponents with some spectacular kicks and punching combinations that had everyone in awe. Even though they are team mates Harvey and Luke exchanged heavy blows between each other. The decision after 2 x 2 min rounds went to Harvey with his speed and accuracy of attack. He then straight away went on to his power event where he broke 2 boards with a jumping 360 degree spinning kick but was disqualified on a foot fault ruling. He then moved on to a special breaking technique event where he was the only one to break a board 7 ft high with a jumping reverse turning kick so winning his 3rd gold. Another Chesham black belt, Dave Shakespeare was unlucky not to win his hand technique power event after he broke 2 boards with a reverse knife hand strike but couldn’t break 3.

Results;                                               Patterns         Sparring      Power      

Luke Mitterhuber  2nd dan             Bronze            Silver Harvey Stacey        1st dan               Gold                Gold             Gold Max Whitley       jnr 1st dan            Gold                 Silver           Gold George Hanchant  jnr black tag     G                      B Jason Baker             black tag           B                      B Ellie Baker              black tag            B                      B Lewis Swallow     jnr red                  B                      S Ash Nathan              blue                  B Sam Rix                jnr  blue                                        S Jack Gipson         jnr green tag                                 G Ani Platt-Bowles  jnr yellow                                    B Joe Rix                  jnr yellow                                      S Cal Hamilton        jnr yellow tag     B

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