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BUTF CUP - 2014

This years tournament was held, as usual, at The Hertfordshire Sports Village in Hatfield on 12th July. Chesham fielded a strong team consisting of several new junior members taking part in their first tournament. The proceedings kicked off with the presentations to newly promoted black belts and then the 'Overall Champion' trophies to last years winners who met the required criteria. Only 2 out of a possible 6 trophies were presented for 2013, one of those going to Chesham's own Max Whitley, 12 year old junior black tag. The 3rd year in succession he has won 'junior coloured belt overall champion'.

Students compete in two disciplines at this tournament, patterns and sparring. Seven rings were set up showing the great turnout of black belt officials to help with judging, meaning that the events could be finished by 9pm.  Chesham got its fair share of medals in both. All of the new juniors came away with a trophy each which was a fantastic start to their tournament career.

To all who entered, win or lose,  a massive well done and thank you from Master Whitley.

Chesham's winners as follows  in grade order;

Luke Mitterhuber 2nd dan.........silver in sparring

Jordan Heywood  1st dan...........bronze in patterns

Craig Childress    1st in patterns

Wayne Mahoney  black tag........silver in sparring

Harvey Stacey   black in sparring, gold in patterns

Max Whitley    jnr black in sparring, gold in patterns

Charlie Treanor    red belt..........bronze in sparring

George Hanchant jnr red in sparring

Sam Rix  jnr blue in sparring

Taylor Hall  jnr yellow tag.........silver in sparring, silver in patterns

Nathan Pascall  jnr yellow tag...bronze in patterns

Liam Glintzer    jnr yellow tag...bronze in sparring

Joe Rix  jnr yellow tag...................bronze in sparring

Ian Evans  jnr yellow in sparring.

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