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Senior instructors in Spain

Senior Instructors In Spain 2014

The customary early morning start saw the BUTF senior instructors head off to their respective airports for the annual trip to Spain for meetings and training. This year (2014) it was back to Hotel La Laguna in Culdad Quesada, near Alicante which was the same venue where the first BUTF trip had been 9 years ago.

Arriving at Alicante airport at 11.30am we were met by Grandmaster (GM) Choy and GM Au who escorted us all back to their sumptuous villa just around the corner from our hotel. A plentiful lunch was provided at the villa as is always the case when visiting GM Choy and Au, sitting on their roof top terrace enjoying the view and relaxed atmosphere.

Then it was on to the hotel, check in and get ready for the evening stint of a trip to a local chinese restaurant where the food and drink kept coming! We were going to need a good training session the next day to compensate for this . Another relaxed  evening catching up on what we'd all been up to.

Friday morning and up early to meet for the morning run. This year Master Manning decided on a different approach out in the car park with sprint running and press up routines. Woke us all up anyway. Then to breakfast.

Training commenced at 10am sharp, running through the coloured belt syllabus, black belt foot sparring and some black belt patterns finishing at 1.30pm. Good to brush up on our knowledge and have any uncertainties ironed out by the Masters. Then shower and change in to official dress for the AGM (after some refreshments of course ).

The AGM was preceeded by the official presentation of certificates by BUTF chairman and founder GM Choy to the newly promoted senior instructors. First of course was to Master Au to the rank of Grandmaster 9th dan. The first female 9th dan in the UK and possibly in the world. The next presentation was to Mr Alan Liu who has been promoted to 7th dan Master. The meeting was then started, covering all issues, problems, and new ideas for running the BUTF.

The evening started off with another restaurant visit ( all well organised and paid for by GMs Choy and Au !)

after which it was back to their villa for a nightcap and a relaxed finish to the evening. Saying our goodbyes at 10.30 it was back to the hotel and bed.......or NOT as the case may be for most of the foolhardy instructors.

Hitting a nearby town whose name escapes me for various reasons, the instructors enjoyed a great night out knowing Saturday was a free day. So with that in mind............ 5 of us made it back for the 7 am breakfast. That's what it takes to make the senior ranks!!!!

Saturday afternoon was spent by the pool getting sunburnt. The sensible ones who had either not gone out the evening before or who had got home at a sensible hour either played golf or went shopping. The evening was another trip to the Chinese restaurant where so many dishes kept being served to the table many of the instructors couldn't face any more and a halt to any more was made. Don't know what happened to the appetites!!

Early to bed (midnight) early to rise for the trip home. Another great trip, always good to catch up with the other instructors in a relaxed environment and always good to catch up with GM Choy whose knowledge and standards have made the BUTF what it is today. Till next year.

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